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York 2001 Multigym Cables

Product Code [cab-10024]
York 2001 Multigym Cables

Our Price: £24.94

Cable Options

Complete range of cables for the York 2001 Multigym. Sold individually or as a kit containing all 3 for standard model or all 5 cables if you have the Pec-Deck attached.
Cable Types:
  • Standard - Nylon coated for prolonged life and smooth operation.
  • Economy - No nylon coating.
Cable Options:
  • Cable #1 - Latpull Station (equiv York Part No: "Cable C - Medium")
  • Cable #2 - Legs Station (short cable - connects to end of Link cable) (equiv York Part No: "Cable B -Short")
  • Cable #3 - Link cable (longest cable - from legs cable to weight bank) (equiv York Part No: "Cable D - Long")
  • Cable #4 - Pec cables (this is a pair of cables) - only required if optional Pec Deck is attached
  • Cable Kit #1 - Not including Pec Cables (3 in total)
  • Cable Kit #2 - Including Pec Cables (5 in total)
15% discount on all cable kits.
Cables are made to order and are usually shipped within 24hrs.
Cable shown is for illustration purposes only, fittings on your cable may differ from that shown.