Upholstery Solutions
We can carry out an on-site upholstery service ranging from replacing one worn pad in the original colour to re-covering your entire gym in a totally different colour. This is a cost-effective solution to keeping your machines looking their best.

We can also supply a range of wear covers to suit a variety of benches and other strength equipment.
Complete Face-lifts
From re-covering all your pads in the original colour to giving your gym a new look with a complete colour change, we can come to your premises and carry out all the work on-site minimising machine downtime. This is a great option to give your tired looking pads a new lease of life.
Material Details
All upholstery we use is fire retardant to Crib 5 specs and is suitable for areas with high usage due to its high abrasion resistance. The PVC material is also easy to wipe down and keep clean and is almost maintenance free.
What's Next
If you are interested in having some upholstery work carried out then please contact us and we can arrange a site visit to assess your needs. We'll also bring our colour charts along to help you decide on colour choice.
Hover over the pictures below to see the re-covered pads:
Available colours in Savannah Range



Royal Blue



Dark Red